Ed Muzika: Love for Self

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    I thought I invented this method just 3 years ago. But someone sent me this Robert Adams transcription from 1992. In essence, he provides a nearly technique identical to mine though we have differences. Which proves Robert went beyond Advaidic contemplation at times.

    I say loving someone else totally, insanely, leads to recognizing that love is ours, it is inside us. That love grows, and at some point we become love, we identify with it, our own love. With that identity, we invite the the "divine," the Self to reveal itself to us, the fragmented, split off human part we think that we are. His method is nearly the same, but because he was realized at age 14, the method did not eventuate in self-realization for him, yet he recognized the power of the method to reveal all of the Self.


    People ask me, "Well, do you love the higher Self? Do you love the lower self? How do you love yourself?"

    It's true, if you love yourself there would be no problems for you at all, nothing. There would be total harmony and happiness all the time, if you learn to love yourself. And the self that I'm speaking about is not the higher self, or the lower self, for most of you don't understand what the higher Self is at all. You just read about it. You heard me speak about it. People told you about a higher Self, but you've not had a direct experience of it. So as far as you are concerned, no higher self exists for you. So how can you love it? It's an illusion.

    As far as your lower self is concerned, that appears to be your physical material self. That's the self that is a sinner, that makes all kinds of mistakes, does all the wrong things perhaps, has to struggle to survive. That's the lower self. Surely you're not going to love that self?

    So what self do you love? You love the self that appears in the moment.

    In the moment the self that appears has no problems, has nothing to do with higher selves or lower selves. It just is. As you begin to love the self, without thinking about it, things begin to happen. You're loving the self that is in the now, the self that is in the moment, the self that appears every moment, from moment, from moment. That is the self that you love. It has no past, no future. The self I'm referring to is born every moment, fresh and new.

    That is the self that you love, continuously. But when the mind starts playing tricks with you, bringing up the past, or the present, or the future, you can't love it then. Let go. You may look in the mirror, and feel the love for the self that you see in the moment, when there's no past, no background, no future.
    The question again arises, how do I make love to this self? You imagine in your mind the most beautiful thing you can ever comprehend. Think of somebody or something that you have fantastic love for. It may be your dog, or your cat, or a person, or a place, or a thing. Something in your life that you love ultimately, with no strings attached. It may be a deity. It may be the Buddha, or the Christ, or Krishna, or a teacher, or something that means something to you, that you have unconditioned love for. You have to have unconditioned love for this, whatever it is, and feel that love, and realize that love that you're feeling is for yourself. You are that yourself. You are the Krishna, you are the God, you are the Buddha, you are the Christ, you are the deity, you are the guru. It is you, yourself, and feel that love. This requires practice. But I can assure you if you practice this, you'll see results very fast.

    Loving yourself is one of the oldest spiritual techniques in the world. Yet most people never understood it, because they think they have to love the self they are, that appears. Or they think that they have to love God. You can't love God, you don't know what God is. You can't love Brahman, or the absolute reality, or pure awareness, for you have not experienced these things. You have to love something that you've experienced, and it is yourself. And it expands, it becomes omnipresence, all-pervading. If you're doing this correctly you will then see that you can go out and love everything that you see, everyone, without qualification.

    You will not let anyone out of your love, and it will not be an effort for you to do this. It is then that beautiful things happen to you. It is then that you start to feel something that you never felt before, something so grand, so joyous, so wonderful, so beautiful, and it has always been yourself. That's the funny thing about it, it's always been you.

    Robert Adams - Love Yourself - Dec 13, '92
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    When students claim abiding in the I Am is not working, I tell
    them to take a vacation of a week or two, and do something else.
    But also tell them abiding in the I Am can be very dry unlesss they do it with
    love. They need to play with the I Am sensation, love it and in a sense, make
    love to it. Flirt with it, entice it, invite it to come into their hearts, wonder
    about it, and if they feel love for family, friends, lovers, animals,
    to also turn
    that love inwards towards themselves after recognizing that love they have
    for the "other" is really their own possession, and is another key to self-

    * * *

    When I was with Muktananda, he used to end every satsang with the
    encouragement, "Love yourself, bow to Yourself, worship yourself."
    Directions that mystified me because after 12 years of Zen emptiness, Void,
    there was no self to be found. There wasn't even a sense of presence.
    With Robert I drifted even further from the Self because he said to ignore the
    world, ignore your body, and all that there was again was emptiness and the
    happenings in Consciousness, and the directive to look deeper and deeper
    into the emptiness.
    That gets you peace and the Absolute; perfect knowledge of nothingness,
    but not of the manifest Self, Shakti, the sense of presence, the "feeling" of I
    Am rather than the I Am thought or word.
    But until you discover the manifest Self of All, the energy, power , and light
    of the divine that is in us all, until then, we are not self-realized.
    It is a difficult trick to walk that I Am route to the Self; there are so many
    ways to fail or get distracted.
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    Edward "Edji" Muzika of Los Angeles gives online Satsang in the dual lineage of Nisargadatta Maharaj (by way of Jean Dunn) and Ramana Maharshi (by way of Robert Adams) in the Advaita Self-realization path with a radical combination of Jnana (wisdom insight) and Bhakti (love and devotion.)